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Close to the ocean and bustling with locals and tourists, Lakay is often considered as one of the top eateries in Cap-Haitien. With a laid-back vibe and reasonable prices you can't go wrong at this restaurant. Try the lobster and shrimp salad to start, then fill up on pizza, it's supposedly the best in Haiti. 

Lakay restaurant_haiti

Le Basilik - Habitant Jouissant

 A gorgeous hotel and restaurant way up in the mountains in Cap-Haitien, Habitation Jouissant offers one of the most stunning views in the city. A popular spot for Sunday brunch, business lunches and romantic dinners, the pretty French-style decor and the mouth-watering Haitien dishes at Le Basilik will have you coming back for more.

Habitatiion Jouissant_Le Basilik_Haiti

Dadou's Kitchen

A charming Haitien-French restaurant in Gonaives, Dadou's Kitchen is Haiti's hidden gem. You'll sample some of the most flavorful and freshest food in the country at this popular roadside eatery.

Dadou's Kitchen

Les Terrasses - Royal Oasis

Located at the opulent Occidental Royal Oasis Hotel in Petionville, guests can dine al fresco at Caribbean restaurant Les Terrasses. Offering a buffet-style breakfast and a la carte lunch and dinner featuring classic Creole dishes like conch stew and chicken, rice and beans, this restaurant is one for the itinerary.

Les Terrasses 2.jpg


The Marriott Hotel Port-au-Prince - Luxury

A brand new state-of-the-art hotel in the heart of Port-au-Prince, the Marriott has 175 spacious rooms featuring modern, local art, gorgeous views, high-speed internet and LCD TV's. Swim in the large outdoor pool, sip on a Rhum Barbancourt and sample some traditional Haitian dishes at the stylish restaurant. With community in mind, this luxury hotel employs Haitians from poor areas outside of the city, providing them with meals & on-the-job training. All of the artwork is local, from the nearby Iron Craftsman town, Croix-des-Bouquets and art district, Jacmel.


Cormier Plage - Beach-front

The only beach-front resort in Haiti, the Cormier Plage is a beautiful, rustic resort in the Cap-Haitien mountains. It will take a bit of a drive to get there from the city but the seclusion is all part of its charm.

Cormier Plage Hotel_Haiti

Hotel Cap Lamandou - Luxury

A gorgeous mountain-top luxury hotel sitting above the city of Jacmel, Hotel Cap Lamandou offers its guests a private balcony with panoramic ocean views, a stylish open-air restaurant and a glistening pool.

Hotel Cap Lamandou


La Citadelle La Ferriere

The largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere, La Citadelle Laferrière is a majestic, mountaintop fort in northern Haiti. A UNESCO world heritage site still holding more than 365 canons, this magnificent structure is a symbol of Haiti's power and independence. Surrounded by vast rolling mountains, the view at the top is one of the best in the country.

Citadelle La Ferriere

Amiga Island & Labadee

A gorgeous, secluded island near the tiny fishing village of Labadee, you can take a tour to Amiga island from the Cormier Plage Hotel. Expect to encounter local fisherman boasting their fresh catch and waiting eagerly to show you around the private island, also known as A La Rat Island. On your way back, stop off at one of the wealthiest villages in Haiti, Labadee. Witness a Voodoo ceremony, watch the locals kick around a football in the vast fields and dance to the rhythm of the African drum.

Amiga Island_Haiti

Iron Market

A stunning fixture on the Port-au-Prince landscape, the iron market or Marche en Fer, was intended to be a railway station for Cairo but instead landed in Haiti. Now, the workplace for hundreds of Haitians selling their goods. From rare artwork, local food and even beauty products, you'll find anything and everything at this architectural marvel brimming with culture.

Iron Market_Haiti

Mupanah Museum

Haiti's national museum, a place where Haitian art & history meet underground in this intriguing, abstract building. Showcasing history from the Taino native days right through to contemporary Haiti, Le Musee du Pantheon National Haitien will guide you through the tumultuous history of the world's first black republic.

Mupanah Museum

Croix des Bouquets

Visit the Village Artistique de Noailles just outside of Port-au-Prince and you'll be amazed at the talent that fills this small Haitian town. The center of metal artwork in Haiti, you'll hear the artists clanking iron with their hammers before you see them. With artists at young as ten year's old pounding away creating gorgeous pieces of art to sell, it's hard to leave empty handed.


Bassin Bleu

One of the most stunning attractions in Haiti, Bassin Bleu is a series of pristine, hidden pools and waterfalls. You'll be taken through the lush hills by Haitian tour guides through the forest to four basins, each one more beautiful than the next. Dissolved minerals give these basins their blue-ish tinge creating a true, hidden sanctuary in the hills of Jacmel. Watch the locals jump from the high rocks or jump into the glistening blue waters and take in the marvelous view.

Bassin Bleu_Haiti

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