10 Reasons To Visit Haiti

1. The People

Humble, happy and eager to help, the Haitian people in the tourism industry are among the friendliest in the Caribbean. You'll encounter children with beaming smiles, resourceful fishermen and warm motherly types that are happy to see you enjoy their country. Yes, there is poverty and desperate people, but traveling in this country opens your eyes to ta different. infectiously happy and welcoming side of Haiti.

Children smiling in Haiti

2. The Art

A way for many Haitians to make a living, but also some of the best art in the Caribbean. Raw, real and authentic, whether it's Voodoo, sculpture or brightly coloured canvas, having a piece of Haitian art in your home is a must for any collector.

Artist in Croix Des Bouquets

3. The Culture

A Caribbean country that hasn't yet lost it's culture and traditions to the western world. You'll see artisans pounding iron sculptures in the streets, music pumping down alleyways and if you're lucky, you might catch a Voodoo ceremony and get a true taste of Haitian culture.

Artisan in Cap Haitien

4. Food

A mixture of French, African and Spanish, kréyol is the traditional Haitian cuisine. With most meals served up with diri kole ak pwa, (rice and beans) you'll find anything from poulet with kidney bean rice, (chicken & rice) to poisson frit et sauce ( fish in creole sauce). Flavourful and not too spicy, Haitian cuisine has its own Caribbean - European flair that you won't find anywhere else in the region. 

Cooking lobster in Haiti

5. Beaches

Haiti may not be known for its beaches but it has some secret bays and coves that are simply out of this world, and the best part is that they're not littered with tourists. Take a boat ride over to Amiga island in Cap Haitien and you'll have a gorgeous private island most likely to yourself. If you travel to Jacmel, just outside of Port-au-Prince, Raymond Des Bains is a popular local beach and is stunning at sunset.

Girl on a beach in Haiti

6. Adventure

Exploring hidden waterfalls in Jacmel, meandering through the March de Fer in Port-au-Prince and trekking up to the largest fortress in the western hemisphere, La Citadelle La Ferriere, Haiti has so much to offer the more adventurous traveller.

Haitian on a motorbike in Bassin Bleu

7. Photo Ops

In Haiti, there's always something happening. If you're an avid photographer, everywhere you look you'll find something worth capturing. Whether its the bright tap taps, laughing children playing in the sand or intriguing architecture, this country is brimming with uniqueness.


8. To Give Back

Haiti is making a come back in terms of tourism but it still needs help from travellers. The tourism industry are begging people to give Haiti a chance and not to think of it as a place that needs aid. 5 years on from the devastating earthquake, this country wants to operate like any other Caribbean country and show off its natural beauty, wonderful culture and warm locals, so give it a try!


9. The Natural Beauty

Luckily Haiti hasn't had an influx of tourists in recent years and that helps it keep it's natural wonders pristine and untouched. In Jacmel, the stunning Bassin Bleu waters remain sparkling blue, because it's still relatively less-travelled. For intimate encounters with nature, Haiti is the place.

Bassin Bleu Waterfall

10. The History

A country with a tumultuous and fascinating past, Haiti is overflowing with interesting tales. If you find yourself in the north in Cap Haitien, you'll hear all about the revolution, the relationship with the Dominican Republic, pirates and independence. Where it's rare to find a Caribbean country with such a rich history, this is something in which Haiti is definitely not lacking.

La Citadelle La Ferrier_Haiti_Mountains