Why Southern Cross Club in Little Cayman Should Be Your Next Stop


Southern Cross Club is exactly what you'd imagine it to be at 4pm on a Monday when you're staring at the clock from your office cubicle, wishing you were absorbing some vitamin D. The beach is amazing, the hammocks are somehow always available, and the water is ridiculously gorgeous. From your quaint and comfy bungalow on the beach, your view is spectacular. Tiny Owen Island sits on the horizon over the bluest water you might ever see. The cool breeze tugs the palm trees back and forth, and the white sand couldn't be more inviting. 


But the natural beauty isn't all that the SCC has to offer. The resort itself is pristine. New renovations to the pool area makes it visually stunning and the perfect place to catch a dip and a snooze in the late afternoon once you've had a few daytime cocktails. 

So you know that Southern Cross Club can offer you the sleepy, lazy get-away that you desperately need. But in the event that you need a bit of action and activity, there's that too. Little Cayman is a charming, tropical paradise and you will want to wander out and explore. You can jump in a kayak from the beach at Southern Cross Club and make your way to Owen Island, chilling out in the shallow waters or on the warm beach. The resort also offers kitesurfing lessons, fishing trips and of course the most amazing diving in the Caribbean. 


At SCC, you'll be spoiled with cuisine. Little Cayman is minuscule, but you'll eat like you're in a gourmet restaurant in the city, with a Caribbean twist of course. Make sure you try the catch of the day for dinner, which is often Mahi-Mahi , Wahoo or Tuna. Partner it with some good wine, and watch the stars twinkle across the perfectly clear night sky.


No matter where in the world you are, you will probably find yourself daydreaming at some point about spending time on a deserted island. As great as this sounds, you'll probably need a comfortable bed, mouth-watering food, and an endless supply of a cocktail of your choice. Luckily enough, you'll find all of this at Southern Cross Club. 

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