Reasons to Visit Little Cayman

1. Diving  

With dive sites like the notorious Bloody Bay Wall, famous for its colorful reefs, a sheer drop off and great visibility- diving is one of the biggest draws to this tiny island.  There are more than 50 sites scattered across the island, you'll find a wreck dive, some fantastic shore diving and stunning caves to explore.

Little Cayman_diving


2. Tranquility  

An island of just 150 people, Little Cayman is barefoot and laid-back to the core. If you're looking for peace, relaxation and pure paradise, this is it.


Little Cayman

3. Getting there is an adventure

Getting to Little Cayman is an experience in itself. Only 30 minutes from the main island, you'll fly in a 19-seater, twin prop otter Cayman Airways express plane. You'll have full view of the cock-pit and as you fly in, the gorgeous turquoise waters surrounding the island.

Little Cayman



4. Nature  

Home to curious rock iguanas, fascinating red-footed Boobies and frigate birds, untouched Little Cayman is brimming with wonderful nature. You can watch the boobies soar across Booby Pond at the National Trust observation deck, track down the iguanas at the National Museum or see the fish jump at Tarpon Lake - all in complete solitude. Go at sunrise or sunset, the view is even more spectacular.

Booby Pond_Little Cayman

5 . The water 

With more shades of blue you can imagine, Little Cayman has some of the prettiest waters of the three islands, swim, snorkel, dive or simply admire from the sandy shoreline.

Owen Island_Little Cayman


6. The island vibe

Quintessentially Caribbean this island is full of welcoming locals and a dont-need-to-lock-your-car mentality. With next to no crime, this is a true castaway experience and a restful, rejuvinating island escape.

Sunset_Little Cayman