Eat, Stay, Do | Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac, unsurprisingly, considering its size ( 12x2 square miles), has limited options when it comes to accommodation, dining and activities. What it lacks in variety it certainly makes up for in quality. With some of the best diving in the world, endless, historic caves and a barefoot, small-island charm, despite the lack of extravagant resorts and 5-star restaurants, the Brac is still a contender on the Caribbean dream-destination list.


Star Island

A small local diner with a never-ending menu of classic local dishes like fried fish, rice and beans as well as American food and even Asian favourites like sweet and sour chicken and friend rice. This restaurant aims to please (and it does). Make sure you order the melt-in-your-mouth vanilla cheesecake and thank us later.

Tipsy Turtle Bar

A bar and restaurant at the popular Brac Reef Beach Resort. Mainly catering to tourists, this bar serves up international foods like pasta, pizza, salads, burgers, fries as well as some fresh seafood dishes. If you happen to find yourself at the Tipsy Turtle on a Friday, stick around for the barbecue and live music from 6.30pm.

Paradise Restaurant

As local as you can get, this tiny hut tucked away on the South Side serves fantastic food from popular conch fritters, old-fashioned fried fish, lobster and the best ackee + saltfish, cornbread, pumpkin and coleslaw around.


Brac Reef Beach Resort

With a dive shop, a medium-sized pool, comfortable rooms and stringy hammocks dotted across the sand, the Brac Reef Resort has everything you need in one place. Access to a private, powdery white slice of beach, two restaurants, a full-service spa and even a small fitness centre, this family-owned resort is what they call in the Brac, 'laid-back luxury'.

Carib Sands Beach Resort

Modern, spacious beach villas at a reasonable price. This resort it perfect for the type of traveller who is self-sufficient and wants to enjoy the remote-ness of this pretty island. Complete with a kitchen and all amenities, as well as a pool and a gorgeous dock with a perfect view, a few nights at this resort will have you feeling as relaxed and carefree as the locals.

Walton's Mango Manor, Bed + Breakfast

A pretty cottage on the water, Walton's Mango Manor is perfect if you're looking to immerse yourself into the Brac culture. Stay with friendly and welcoming Lynne and George Walton, listen to their tales and insights to the island- it's a great way to get into the groove like a true 'Bracker'.


The Caves

The Brac is famous for it's impressive, hidden and even unexplored caverns and caves. There's plenty to choose from, each as remarkable as the next- our favourite - Peter's Cave on the Bluff.

The Bluff + Lighthouse

A 140ft limestone 'bluff' running through the middle of the island, offers pleasant walks, incredible views of the royal-blue, deep waters and rock formations below. Take a hike, or climb the lighthouse, you might even spot a 'booby' - a type of seabird that commonly nest on the cliff-side.

Diving - Cpt. Keith Tibbetts Wreck

One of only a few sunken Soviet naval vessels in the Western Hemisphere, and the only one easily dived, the MV Captain Keith TIbbetts wreck lies 200 meters offshore. As well as this famous site, the Brac offers many more world-class dive spots, including shore dives, wall dives with friendly groupers, turtles and the odd shark.

Recommended Dive operator: The Brac Scuba Shack

Cayman Brac Museum

A quaint little museum storing intriguing artifacts and showcasing the Brac's interesting seafaring history- definitely worth a visit.

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