Eat, Stay, Do | Bonaire

One of the best places for diving in the whole of the Caribbean, Bonaire lures visitors to its pristine, crystal-clear coastal waters and doesn't disappoint. Warm locals, casual-chic waterfront eateries, a colorful capital and multi-hued waters gives Bonaire its reputation as a world-class Caribbean destination.


At Sea

A popular waterfront dining option with well-presented plates of decadent seafood, a sophisticated ambience and striking views. Order a mojito and try the barracuda.

It Rains Fishes

The Dutch Caribbean knows good food and this restaurant is no exception. Enjoy a plate of fresh fish at this 100 year-old building on the waterfront. Choose to dine in or pick a fresh catch from the fish market to cook up at home. Order a mahi mahi, sip on your complimentary glass of prosecco and watch the sun melt into the ocean. 

Cactus Blue on the Beach

Sample what is arguably the best burger in Bonaire. Chef Hagen cooks up delicious cheap eats in this brightly-colored trailer on the beach in Kralendjik. Popular with hungry divers and Kitesurfers, try the lionfish burgers, they are to die for.


Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino Photos

Home to the only casino in Bonaire and also a brilliant dive program, this casual, budget-friendly hotel offers basic, comfortable rooms, a seafood restaurant and nightly entertainment during high-season.

Bamboo Bali

A cosy, boutique hotel offering beautifully decorated, private cottages for rent in a tropical and romantic setting. This resort is perfect for honeymooners, young couples and divers looking for a laid-back, luxurious green oasis in Bonaire.

Bellafonte Luxury Oceanfront Hotel

A luxury resort in a fabulous location. Close to all the dining spots and shore diving from the end of the on-site pier, this casual chic hotel offers modern, airy rooms and spectacular views.

Harbour Village Club Luxury

Situated on a private 4-acre peninsula, this luxury hotel boasts a five-star dive center, a secluded beach and a charming boat-shaped restaurant on the water. The rooms are modern, spacious and crisp and the beach houses- lavish luxury.



Diving the National Marine Park

Known as a hotspot for Caribbean biodiversity, diving in Bonaire is world-class. The National Marine Park is 6,700 acres of fringing reefs, seagrass and mangroves. With coral reefs stemming up to almost a thousand feet, the park is home to an astonishing array of marine life- a must-do while in Bonaire.

Klein Bonaire

Take a 25-minute water taxi over to 'No Name Beach' and snorkel the crystal waters at Klein Bonaire ( Little Bonaire), a small uninhabited islet off the west coast. You'll find shallow reefs, sheer drop offs, lots of tropical fish in the warm waters on this carefree island. 


Stroll the vibrant streets of the Capital Kralendijk - in Dutch "Coral Reef". A quaint small town with a busy market selling hand-made goods, restaurants, museums and pretty architecture.

Thousand Steps Beach

Although there's not actually a thousand steps- only 67- trekking up these steps with dive gear on will make you feel the name rings true. A popular dive spot, this thin strip of sand, peppered with cacti and azure waters full of flourishing coral and marine life, it's worth the visit if only for the view.

Donkey Sanctuary

A sanctuary for sick, wounded and orphaned donkeys. Brought over by the Spaniards in the 17th Century to perform hard labour, these adorable creatures have been around since. Desperately in need of support the sanctuary provides shelter for 400 donkey's. Stop by and see these long-eared mammals and do your part for Bonaire.

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