Caribbean Bucket List | Swimming With Pigs



The Swimming Pigs

Yes, there is a place on earth where wild pigs run, or should we say swim, freely. Major Cay, in the Exuma Islands is home to hungry, curious swine, who in their spare time enjoy paddling in the crystal-clear Bahamian waters. 

How to Get There

Book a full-day trip with Four C's Adventures in Great Exuma. You'll stop off at Thunderball Grotto, a stunning underwater cave and the set of a James Bond movie, you'll powerboat through the beautiful islands and sandbars,  home to native Rock Iguanas, Nurse Sharks and of course, the perhaps the most unusual of them all, swimming pigs. 

How Did They Get There?

A question no one seems to truly know the answer to. It's believed the pigs were on a sinking ship and managed to swim ashore. Others claim a farmer brought them to the island and they haven't left since. Regardless, these adorable pigs have created a unique Caribbean experience in the midst of an already impressive string of islands surrounded by clear, incandescent waters. 

Recommended Tour Operator: 

Four C's Adventures

What To Know Before You Go

+ Bring sunscreen, if you opt for the full day tour you'll be out in the sun for around 9 hours

+ Your tour operator will provide you with food for the pigs but you'll go through it quickly. Bring some bread if you can- the pigs will follow the food

+ Bring some cash for tips and a disembarking fee of $10 at Compass Cay to see the nurse sharks

+ Be prepared for a long day out on the water in the hot sun, if you want to see the most incredible turquoise waters, not only in the Caribbean but in the world, then it's worth it