8 Reasons To Visit Trinidad & Tobago

1. Carnival

An explosion of colour and heart-thumping music that will seduce you into its feathery arms, Carnival in Trinidad is an incredibly good reason to visit this Caribbean Island - what better way is there to get a true taste of the island culture?


2. The food

Flaming hot spices, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth roti, macaroni pie and endless road-side doubles, the cuisine in this country is mind-blowing. If you're a fan of curry, spice and eating your bodyweight in food, in Trinidad you'll fit right in.



3. The music

In Trinidad, music is life. Soca, calypso and steelpan vibrate through the streets and each soulful note takes you further away from your troubles. If you want to instantly feel happier, this is the place to come.



4. The beaches

Buttery beige beaches with the sun beating down on the soft sand, Trinidad and Tobago has no shortage of spectacular beaches and to top it off, the water is saturated with bright fish scrambling in busy schools.



5. The people

They're heart-achingly gorgeous, covered in feathers and grinding up on you, what else do you need? 'Trinibagons' always have a smile on their face, they're ready to party and have so much love for their island. The energy of the people will rub off on you and you'll leave feeling like you were born a Trinibagon.



6. The diving

Tobago is famous for its exceptional diving for all levels. Healthy, abundant reefs and rare marine life make this a top spot for divers travelling the Caribbean.



7. The nature

Bright pink birds, colorful fish and nature as far as the eye can see. If you want to slip into vacation mode and pretend your work life doesn't exist, once your feet are being tickled by the soft snow-white sands, there's no going back.



8. The photo ops

If you're into photography, you'll find photo op after photo op on these intriguing islands, whether you're snapping away at revelling carinval-goers, capturing the blue-hues at one of the pristine beaches or grabbing an underwater selfie with a blue tang, we can guarantee it'll be a Nat-Geo worthy pic.