A Quick Guide To Saba

A quick guide to Saba

Saba is an intriguing off-the-beaten path Caribbean island sprinkled with an authentic Dutch charm like you'll find nowhere else. Quaint, red-roofed cottages with green shutters are buried in the vast mountains that disappear into the foggy sky. A top choice for die-hard hikers and adventurous divers, Saba- they say is a magical kingdom, and with such unspoiled beauty, it clearly deserves its reputation.


The Queen's Garden Hotel in Saba is a resort tucked away in the mountains overlooking Windward Side. A peaceful hideaway, Queen's Garden offers an on-site spa, a fine-dining restaurant, a large pool and a gorgeous view of the towering misty mountains. 

If you want a more laid-back, local vibe, book a room at Juliana's Hotel. Offering dive packages and accommodation for the budget-conscious as well as luxury Saban cottages, this hotel is a top choice for hikers and divers. If you want a secluded villas perched on the mountains, Haiku House can be rented through Michael & Albert from Saba Island Properties. With a gleaming infinity pool stretching over the mountainside and a chic, wooden interior, Haiku House is pure luxury.



  • Hike to the top of Mount Scenery
  • Go deep sea diving 
  • Make some beads at Jo Beam Glass Blowing Studio
  • Have a Saba Spice at Tropics Cafe
  • Have lunch and a daytime cocktail at Strawberry Hill
  • Try some Dutch dishes at Brigadoon
  • Explore some of the other hiking trails
  • Mingle with the locals at 'The Bottom'



For such a small island Saba has such a diverse food selection. From charming snack shacks to gourmet restaurants, you'll find some of the finest Dutch Caribbean cuisine as well as other international options. Grab a bite to eat at Island Flavours in Windward Side. You'll find local ingredients picked from the garden at this family-owned business. Try the mahi-mahi tacos, topped with freshly picked herbs. Sit down for a fine-dining experience at an old Saban cottage-turned-restaurant, Brigadoon and taste some Dutch Caribbean dishes like freshly caught lion fish. Tropics Cafe is also a great spot for a bite to eat, go for the red curry coconut shrimp with steamed rice tossed in Saba spice and served in a coconut.



  • Glass souvenirs from Jo Beams Glass Blowing Studio
  • A supply of Saba Spice


  • Sunscreen and bug spray for hiking and days at sea.
  • Proper footwear and hats. See above.
  • A book to read and a camera to take photos of the scenery.
  • Dive gear.
  • Underwater camera.


Most Sarans speak English but you may come across some Dutch locals.

hallohi -hello

goededaghello- gooday

goedeavond- good evening (used after 6pm)

k weet het niet- I don't know

waar zijn de toiletten, alsjeblieft?- where are the toilets, please? (familiar)

ik spreek een heel klein beetje Nederlands- I only speak very little Dutch

kan u dat alstublieft herhalen?- could you please repeat that? 

ik versta het niet- I don't understand