Best Beaches In St. Barths

Colombier Beach

A little off-the-beaten path and great if you're looking to chill out on a strip of sand that's a bit more quiet and tranquil. Some people still refer to it as "Rockerfeller's Beach," as American banker, David Rockerfeller used to own the property surrounding it. It's easy to see why a billionaire might want to claim this portion of the island, the water is clear, cool and perfect for anchoring off your yacht or sailboat. The beach is a long and curved with amazing views of the surrounding sprawling hills. A day lazing around on this gorgeous beach is a sure way to recharge and forget any real-world worries. 

Colombier Beach_St Barths


Grand Cul-de-Sac

The great thing about this turquoise, horse-shoe shaped beach is that it sits on the edge of a protected bay. The waters are shallow, warm and glistening emerald green. Grand Cul-de-Sac is great for wading, kayaking and paddle boarding. If you spend enough time snorkeling in this lagoon, you're almost guaranteed to spot some wild Green Sea turtles, which love the calm waters. The backyard of the gorgeous bohemian retreat, Le Sereno if you're lucky enough to be staying there, you'll have this stunning beach all to yourself.


St. Jean Beach

Possibly the most popular beach on the island, this stunning white bay is split in two, with Eden Rock perched in the middle. Eden Rock is a high-end, upscale boutique hotel and a famous restaurant, but the beach is fully public and very, very inviting. Great for water sports, you can spend your day being active, or simply watching others enjoy wave runners, paddle boards and kayaks. The translucent waters are warm and sparkling blue with soft, powdery sand. Even if you're not staying near this beach, make sure you consider it for a day trip.


Saline Beach

You'll have to carry your towel and beach bag through a long, windy path and up a small rocky edge, but you'll be glad you did. In fact, you may even spot some lazy tortoises along the way. Once you make it to the shoreline, the view from this vast beach is spectacular. The sea opens up across a sprawling white strip of sand, between scenic, rocky hillsides. The gorgeous blue water is perfect for a dip to cool down, but you'll likely find a peaceful, quiet spot in the sand and just listen to the waves roll in.

Shell Beach

Surrounded by never-ending, green hills and rocky walls, this shell-filled beach is chic, trendy and on a Sunday, the only place to be in St Barths. The famous Do Brazil restaurant sits at one end, filling the air with a delicious aroma as visitors wade in the water. You might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of locals cliff diving, or playing music, but the real reason to come to this beach is that it's one of only four like it on the planet. The shore is covered in millions of tiny shells, which is not only beautiful, but feels amazing to walk on.