How to Spend Your Time in Negril, Jamaica


Zimbali Retreats cooking & farm tour

Tucked away in the Canaan Mountains 20 minutes outside of Negril, Zimbali Retreats offers an authentic Jamaican experience fusing old traditions with modern technology. If your idea of a perfect trip is getting to know the locals, learning about culture, relaxing and eating fresh, organic food, look no further.

This self-sustaining eco-retreat grows up to 70% of its foods, fruits & spices on site. Opt for the cooking-tout for a farm-to-table experience. Pick your own food and have it cooked in front of you.


Make time to take the 'Rasta tour' with 'Fire' and 'Bongo Roach' two authentic Rastafarians living off the land in the mountains . Share wisdom & a delicious Ital lunch with an unbelievable view. By far the closest you can get to the true culture of Jamaica.

Rick's Cafe

Although this world famous Cafe is a well-known tourist trap, if you're a thrill-seeker it's worth battling the crowds. Situated on 40ft cliffs, Rick's Cafe offers an American style menu, a steel pan band and a spectacular sunset. But of course, the real reason people head to the Negril cliffs is to jump off them. Once you're on the platform, there's no turning back. Unless you want hundreds of snap happy tourists and their phones to capture your last minute change of heart.

Blue Hole

If you're looking for a quieter alternative to the overcrowded Rick's Cafe, the Blue Hole in Orange Hill (20 minutes outside of Negril) is a great substitute. This mineral spring is off the beaten path and a popular spot for locals. There's a small rum bar and sheltered area with a pool if you don't fancy the 30ft plummet into the fresh water. The entry fee is around US$10.