10 Things To Love About Jamaica

Jamaica regularly makes an appearance among the top 'coolest' Caribbean islands. With its dreadlocked Rastas, sweet reggae rhymes, jaw-droppingly delicious jerk and that infectious, charming and seriously cool accent, it's easy to see how it earned its standing. Beyond all that, there's plenty more to love about this island and we've rounded up just a few of them.

Things to love about Jamaica

1. The Patties

Melt-in-your-mouth Jamaican patties literally do just that. Oozing spice, tender beef ( chicken or veggies)  covered in a soft, warm pastry, you haven't been to Jamaica if you haven't had your fingers wrapped around a grease-soaked brown bag with one of these inside. 


2. The Jerk

There's nothing quite like Jamaican jerk. Whether you choose to pig out on the side of the road with some jerk chicken out of a foil wrapper or sit down for a civilized meal in a restaurant - the jerk in Jamaica is where it's at.

Jerk Chicken, Jamaica


3. Rastafari

A wonderfully intriguing culture and religion that you'll find all over the globe, but Jamaica is at the heart and soul of Rastafarianism. If you come across an authentic Rasta, sit down, share some wisdom and soak in this fascinating culture.



4. Reggae

A fusion of soca, calypso and African drums, some of the best Reggae tracks come out of Jamaica. There's something about actually being in Jamaica that plummets you into a state of mind where you lose yourself in the sweet, addictive and spiritual music and your worries truly melt away.



5. The Blue Mountains & Blue Mountain Coffee

Misty blue mountains tower over Jamaica and can force you to reconsider your resort-only, beach itinerary. Get out and trek through this bamboo-filled range of foggy hills and you're a caffeine junkie, bring some Blue Mountain coffee for the journey.

Jamaica Blue Mountains

6. Red Stripe

A fine, crisp, premium golden lager that blends well with the Jamaican chilled out vibes. Refreshing and perfect with smoked jerk and zingy dishes, Red Stripe deserves its place on our list and yours too.

7. Parties

Beach parties, boat parties and rum fetes on the beach, Jamaica is the island that never sleeps and Jamaicans aren't shy about the fact that they know how to party - Caribbean style.



8. The Rum

Rum, sun, reggae and sand, the aromatic rum choices in Jamaica are smooth, refreshing and dying to satisfy your thirst. Whether its Appleton, Wrey & Nephew, Myers or Blackwell,  order it with ice and coconut water. Sip it in a hammock and it'll taste even better.


9. Nature 

Vast, rolling hills, sun-soaked beaches and rustic forests, when it comes to nature Jamaica has it all. Saunter along the shorelines and with every ray of sun that beats down onto the buttery beige sands, you feel further and further away.


10. The People

A mesh of cultures, Jamaicans, besides the cool accent, are warm-hearted and welcoming. Proud of their country, they're ecstatic to show you around and immerse you in their culture.

Jamaican School Children