5 Ways Life Is Better At The Beach

A day spent catching rays on a sun-soaked beach and bathing in azure, salty waters leaves most people feeling blissfully relaxed, rejuvenated and noticably happier. It's been proven that even a small dose of some sun, sea and sand is fabulous for your health, and it seems for those who live close the beach, life can be just that little bit better.

1. You're Healthier

It's not called the 'sunshine vitamin' for nothing, vitamin D is produced by the skin in the sunlight, it helps build strong bones, a healthy immune system, glowing skin and may even help mental health. Beach bums can spend time in the sun and feel revitalized without taking a trip to the docs. Just make sure to protect your skin with sunscreen.

2. You Get Regular Ocean Therapy

It's now a scientific fact that the ocean has healing powers that will leave you feeling healthy and refreshed. Sea salt, algae and seaweed found in the ocean all have healing and cleansing qualities. There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars at the spa, you'll find all you need in its raw and natural form on the beach. 

3. You're Less Stressed

There's no better place to unplug than lying on golden sand with the warm sun beating down on your skin. The beach is the perfect place to ditch technology, be aware of what's around you, listen to the waves hit the shore, de-stress and restore the soul.

4. Exercising is Easier 

There's no doubt about it, torching calories on the beach is way less boring than hours spent in the gym. Not only is the view way better, but your workout will be more effective running on the sand. More of a swimmer than a runner? Just floating around for a leisurely swim can actually burn around 200 calories. Forget struggling on the stair-master and watching CNN on repeat, for those lucky enough to live by the beach, exercise can be watching the sunset as you take a dip in the warm ocean. 

5. You're Happier 

It's been scientifically proven people who live near the beach are happier. A Melbourne study shows increased sun exposure had a positive effect on stress, sleep and appetite. Not only is the beach a beautiful sight, your problems seem to melt away, leaving you revived and less likely to be depressed.