20 Reasons Why Everyone Should Live in the Caribbean At Least Once

1. For Character Building

Living abroad anywhere builds character, and island life can be truly testing. Learning about unique cultures and traditions will make you more well-rounded.


2. To Enhance Your CV

Working abroad says something about your personality. You're independent, adaptable and ambitious and it will impress employers.


3. To Experience Year-round Sunshine

Probably one of the main reasons people migrate to the West Indies is the weather. Experiencing life with no winters is good for the soul. You're naturally happier, and getting up in the morning isn't as much of a struggle.

4. To Appreciate the Natural Beauty

It's not just powdery beaches that make the Caribbean so beautiful. The different islands are full of natural wonders. From exotic plants and flowers to caves, sulphur springs and swimming holes, being so close to nature everyday makes you look at the world in a different way.


5. To Immerse Yourself in Culture

With a vibrant mix of cultures, from seafarers, pirates and Rastas, living in the Caribbean is like a really long history lesson.


6. To Try Real Rum

Tortuga, Appleton, Mount Gay, Myer's dark rum; you haven't tasted rum until you've tasted real Caribbean rum...in the Caribbean.

7. To Swing in a Hammock and Know This is Home

There's nothing like swinging in a piece of fabric suspended between two palm trees to make you feel like you're in the Caribbean. Lying there and knowing this is where you call home is a wonderful feeling.

8. To Truly Appreciate Where You're From

As much as island living is paradise, the Caribbean has its differences from the 'real world'. Being away from home and living a completely different lifestyle makes you appreciate the small conveniences and home comforts.

9. To Get That 'Community Feeling'

There's no doubt island life is close-knit. Bumping into people you know and feeling part of a community makes you feel at ease.

10. For the Friends You'll Make

The Caribbean is one of the friendliest places on earth, with islands filled with a mish-mash of cultures and languages, you'll make friends from around the world and learn a lot about culture.

11. To Become a 'Tour Guide' for Visitors

As expected, this part of the world is filled with sun-chasers looking to escape a fast-paced life. You'll soon become a go-to guide for your island, it'll make you feel more at home and proud of where you're living.

12. For the Food

Rice and beans, plantain, lobster, fresh fish, conch, jerk chicken, curried goat, stewed beef, cassava and oxtail are just a few of the appetizing Caribbean dishes readily available. Colourful and flavourful, this type of food is something everyone should taste.

14. To Become More Streetwise

Getting around in a foreign country can be difficult, especially if you don't speak the language. Living in this part of the world, you'll learn how to find your way in unfamiliar territory, which will come in handy.

14. For the Diving

Yes, you can experience the Caribbean's stunning underwater world on vacation, but for a dive-enthusiast, living on islands like the Cayman Islands, Bonaire, Dominica and the Bahamas, you'll see more than you could ever imagine and you don't have to travel far.

15. To Taste Freshly-Picked Tropical Fruits

There's nothing like harvesting and devouring a fresh batch of mangoes, and Caribbean or (Julie) mangoes just happen to be delicious.


16. For the Parties

Street carnivals, back-yard bbqs, beach bonfires, wet fetes, the Caribbean definitely knows how to have a good time.

17. To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Island life is a completely different way of life. Stepping out of your comfort zone will force you to take risks, challenge yourself and grow.

18. To Connect with the Ocean

As soon as you feel the warm, salt water on your skin you'll fall under its spell. Living with the ocean at your doorstep will give you a deeper connection to a resource we rely so heavily on to survive, and that feeling is like no other.

19. For the Stars

Once you escape the bright city lights, you'll see the spectacular sight that is- a clear starry night in the Caribbean.

20. To Slow Down

It's important to take time out now and then. Easygoing Caribbean people encourage this and living a life less hurried is something you'll achieve on these islands.