17 Reasons Why People in Cayman Are the Happiest People on the Planet

On a map they may just look like tiny specs in a sea of blue, but these tiny islands hide an intriguing secret. The Cayman Islands is home to the happiest people on earth. Well, it's not official, but there is some truth to it, and here's why...


1. We wake up to this

2. We have a different kind of Monday blues

3. Breakfast looks like this

4. Morning drives don't suck

5. We live in bikinis and boards shorts

6. This is what happy hour looks like

7. We rarely get bored

8. We know how to let loose

9. Life is actually like a movie

10. We party on the beach 

or on boats

with inflatables 

11. We get to hang out with these guys

12. Our weekends can be pretty chill

13. And long weekends...

14. Sunday fundays are actually fun

15. Even when it's stormy it's still awesome

16. Perfect sunsets are standard

17. And we do all this...