10 Reasons Why Grand Cayman is the Best Caribbean Island to Live on

Why live in Grand Cayman?

A hidden corner of the Caribbean with lusciously warm waters, never-ending, powdery beaches and a vibrant local vibe; the Cayman Islands is a tropical vacation many find impossible to leave.

So why are so many expats leaving behind their metropolitan lives and setting up shop on this tiny strip of land in the Caribbean ocean? Well, in truth it's not that difficult to work out.

1. The Beaches 

Grand Cayman is overflowing with alluring, utopian beaches unrivaled by other Caribbean islands. Relaxing in a sun-lounger in front of a glossy mega-resort or exploring a deserted strip of sand out east is all part of the Cayman experience.  

2. The People

Possibly one of the most diverse Caribbean countries, more than a hundred different nationalities call the Cayman Islands home. With such a fascinating fusion of people from a mélange of countries, this celebration of multi-culturalism allows for an exclusive assembled culture so infectious and accepting it's hard to leave behind.

3. It's tax-free

The laid-back, friendly Caymanian vibe could be pinned on the fact that nobody pays tax. The government raises funds from indirect taxes (fees) and import duty tax. One of the world's leading offshore financial centers, the Cayman Islands offers unique career opportunities and a higher quality of life for residents. Affluent business owners come to Cayman to invest in property or to establish trusts, providing  a vibrant economy for the people who live here. 

4. Short commutes

A far cry from the daily commuter battles in large cities, this laid-back metropolis offers its residents a brief and pleasant commute. Stretching a total of just 102 square miles, getting to and from work on this island isn't a chore.

5. Weather 

Probably the biggest reason Cayman is  flooded with foreigners is the scorching 70-90°F temperatures . Sun-chasers from all over are making the move to avoid the icy temperatures and bleak weather back home. Although rainy season runs from late May-November it only showers for a short time before it clears up. 

6. Food

Restaurants in Cayman are exceptional and arguably the best in the Caribbean. As the culinary capital in the region, residents can dine in exquisite five-star celebrity chef's restaurants or opt for a flavorful local joint and dine with their toes in the sand. For such a small island, the vast selection and the quality of the cuisine, from breakfast through the dinner, is spectacular and keeps people coming back for more.

7. Healthcare

The Cayman Islands is recognized as having one of the best hospitals in the Caribbean. Health City Cayman Islands is a mega-hospital offering world-class, high-quality and affordable healthcare that attracts medical tourism from the US and other Caribbean islands.

8. Real Estate

Million-dollar homes or cute little beach-side rentals, the real estate market in Cayman is thriving and surprisingly affordable. Expats are leaving behind their busy urban lives and choosing to spend their days on the beach or laying by the pool in the back yard. 

9. It's English-speaking

The Cayman Islands is predominantly English-speaking but does have a small Spanish and Jamaican Patwa community. It's a simple, yet logical reason many migrate to this Caribbean island, it makes settling in a less- stressful process.

10. Adventure

If frolicking with wild stingrays or jumping in at the world's best dive spots isn't enough, locals in Cayman get exclusive deals for staycations. An island filled with grandiose hotels and resorts, the option to wake up in a luxury beach-front hotel feeling like a tourist is just another one of the perks of living in the Cayman Islands.