Reasons Why We Love Seven Mile Beach

It's clean

Some beaches are littered with junk and litter, but with abundant beachfront properties on this beach, the shoreline is well manicured, glistening and super soft to walk on.

The blue hues

Cayman doesn't have rivers or agricultural run-off, so the water is sparkling, pristine and visibility for snorkelling is phenomenal.

It's tranquil

Some parts of this shoreline can get busy with tourists tanning on the sand, but if you find the right spot, you'll get lost in the awe of the seclusion that this beautiful coastline offers.

The feeling when you’re there

Perhaps it's something in the air, or maybe it’s the soft powdery sand between your toes while the sun beats down on you ; when you step foot on Seven Mile Beach, your worries seem to just melt away.

The restaurants

With a string of gorgeous resorts and brilliant restaurants lining the beach, you'll never be stuck for somewhere to grab a hand-crafted cocktail or something delicious to munch on along this beautiful beach.


Paddle-boarding, parasailing, jet-skiing and even banana-boating if you will- if you have adrenaline-inducing watersports on your bucket-list, this is your scene.

The sunsets

As if it wasn't pretty enough in the day, believe it or not it’s just as stunning at dusk, when the sun disappears into the ocean setting the sky and sea ablaze with a kaleidoscope of colours.