How To: Get The Perfect Beach Hair Look


We all want to feel care-free, relaxed yet beach-ready on vacation, but with extreme heat, salt and chlorine it's hard to get that tousled, natural wave without wasting time trying to tame unruly locks. As experienced islanders, we've got the beach wave technique mastered and luckily for you, we don't like to keep secrets.

With these simple hair products, you'll be stealing the show on the sand in no time.


  • 1. Begin by priming clean, damp hair with a THERMIQUE.
  • 2. Spray a generous amount of SPRAY A PORTER from high mid-lengths to ends.
  • 3. Tilting your head to the side, let ends fall into a towel then lift up toward the root area, allowing hair to fold & coil creating natural waves.Gently massage to remove additional moisture & lock the wave.
  • 4. Blow dry with a diffuser at medium heat & low velocity, 8 to 10" away from hair. To create extra texture, lightly mist SPRAY A PORTER.
  • 5. Spray POWDER BLUFF from roots to mid-lengths at the crown, top, and sides massaging at the roots to add volume.

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