6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Anguilla

1. The beaches

With 33 magnificent beaches to choose from, this is Anguilla's secret weapon that isn't so secret. There are gorgeous tropical hideaways, pristine shores and waters buzzing with vibrant fish scattered all across this pretty little island. 

Anguilla Beaches

2. The chilled out vibes

Anguilla is an island riddled with heart-stopping beauty and care-free attitudes. For most of us living in a world where worrying becomes a daily ritual, in Anguilla, worrying doesn't exist. Spend just a day on this glorious Caribbean island and you'll feel brand new.

Anguilla sailing

3. The sunsets

Get a front-row seat to one of the most spectacular shows on earth- the sun setting into the Caribbean sea. A perfect viewing spot is at Crocus Bay, watching the magic becomes infectious and you'll find yourself longing for the days to end so you can do it all over again.

Anguilla sunset

4. The views

The sun is a permanent fixture in Anguilla, the island is practically framed by a mind-blowing coastline that is crying out to be walked on barefoot. Taking in the palm-fringed bays while a tropical drink melts in your hand sound good? Well, it's 100 times better than it sounds - and that sounds pretty good.

Sandy Island 1.png


5. The laid-back locals

You'll hear the pounding of the dominoes on the make-shift wooden tables before you see the laughing, poker-faces of the locals. Relishing in the glorious sunshine and the enviable island lifestyle, their smiling faces are infectious and will rub off on you.

Anguilla Locals


6. The Food

As if the eternally-enticing Anguilla beaches aren't enough reason to take a trip to this island, maybe the addictive smell of smokey jerk chicken grilling on the shores will draw you in. This island is bursting with gourmet restaurants serving up anything from Caribbean, American, Italian in everything from flashy restaurants to rustic beach shacks. For the foodie in search of new flavors to delve into, this is where you need to be.

Anguilla Food