Top 5 Beaches in Anguilla

Best beaches in Anguilla

1. Little Bay

This particular beach is virtually inaccessible from the shore. The high cliffs surrounding this spot make it a spectacular photo-op, and makes it feel totally private and secluded. Part of the fun is actually getting to Little Bay. The best way to find it is to make your way to Crocus Bay Beach and look for Calvin, who'll be sitting under a mahogany tree. For a few dollars, he'll take you on his small boat to the secluded Little Bay around the corner, where you can lay in the sand, snorkel, or even leap from the rocks into the cool, clear water.

Little Bay_Anguilla

2. Sandy Ground

Across from Anguilla's salt pond, you'll find the main port and one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Sandy Ground. This long, curved beach is known for it's warm sand, shallow water and never-ending string of restaurants. Yachts, sailboats and fishing boats come in and out all day as you bask in the sun. You might even be tempted to jump aboard one of the tour boats and spend the day island hopping to Sandy Island and Prickly Pear Cay.

Sandy Ground_Anguilla


3. Shoal Bay

Probably the most famous beach in Anguilla, Shoal Bay beach is a gorgeous slice of the Caribbean. With shimmering white sand and blue hues, Shoal Bay will leave you in awe. You could easily spend an entire day on this beach. With the top notch restaurants, shady spots under beach umbrellas, and incredible snorkeling, a week spent here would still leave you wanting more.

Shoal Bay_Anguilla


4. Rendezvous Bay

With possibly the most powdery white sand on the island, this beach is a seemingly endless stretch of paradise. The water is crystal clear, great for snorkeling, kayaking and cooling off after you've walked as far as you can. The views from this beach also make it special. The rolling mountainous landscape of St. Martin/Sint Maarten is clearly visible creating a stunningly surreal atmosphere. For some local flavour, you'll find a few places to grab some fried fish or bbq chicken right on the sand bank, but make sure you stop by The Dune Preserve for an experience you'll never forget. Owned by famed Reggae artist Banky Banks, this ramshackle beach bar serves up great food for lunch or if you come in the evening, music and dancing under the stars.

Rendezvous Bay_Anguilla

5. Sandy Island

This may not be the longest beach in Anguilla, it may not even have the softest or the whitest sand in the country, but this beach may be the one that you remember most vividly, even after you're long gone. The short trip over to tiny Sandy Island is exciting enough in itself, and once you reach the incredible sandy shore, you'll be happy you came. What makes the island so incredible is that you will immediately feel like you've come to a truly secluded and tropical getaway. With a castaway vibe, there's one small bar perched in the middle of the island where you can find shade and refreshments. But other than that, it's all about the surroundings. Enclosed by reef, you'll be missing out if you don't jump into the warm waters and check out the marine life, that's if you can pull yourself off of the gorgeous, hot sandy beach.

Sandy Ground_Anguilla

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